Anisuzzaman’s translated book review.

Muslim manos o Bangla shahitya

A book review of Muslim manos Bangla shahitya and written by ANISUZZAMAN about muslim and bengali literature. It is one of the most famous article of Anisuzzaman. Above all, it wrote base on the thought of Bengali Muslims people.

Firstly, Anisuzzaman played a role in the Language Movement in 1952. Besides, he also participated in Mass Uprising in 1969 and in the War of Liberation in 1971. During Liberation War, he selected as a member of the Planning Commission to the Govt. of Bangladesh. Secondly, Anisuzzaman’s first book was ‘Muslim Manas O Bangla Shitya’ and published in 1964. As a result, he rewarded Adamjee award for this book. As well, in the research purpose it approved for the title of PhD in Dhaka University. Bengali Muslims at English period warned the thought of Muslims. Concerning this book Nihar Ranjan Roy said “I very excite and at the manuscript and in the labor. I amaze about devotion and search of young researcher. I am strange in the disciplines of collecting information base on rationale, and his clear freedom of speech and outlook.”

On the other hand, the renowned researcher Dr. Verdict enhances the status of the whole book in a very short concretion. Moreover, in the writer’s study, not only just data include as brick stacks but also data analyze. At that moment, the writer reflected their own views. Anisuzzaman’s reflection of the free and clear sight of the very renowned book ‘Muslim Manas O Bangla Sahitya’ reflected everywhere. The book wrote in the end of the decade of language movement in 1958 and in the decade of anti-Pakistan mass upsurge in 1964.

In short, It wrote base on historical information. In total, It explores the feeling of the Bengali Muslims. The exciting and created history of the English has omitted. Said, “I had to discard”

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1 thought on “Anisuzzaman’s translated book review.

    Alamgir Mohammad

    (April 18, 2020 - 11:56 am)

    কামিনী রায়ের সুখ কবিতাটির ইংরেজি অনুবাদ পড়ুন।


    Kamini Roy

    Where is happiness? Where is happiness? –
    Is the world merely an abode of depression?
    Is it anguish or cry of death
    Does a soul come to life?-
    Only to cry, Does the Almighty
    Create human in this way?
    Falling prey to the illusion of love
    Is that human life meant for?

    Utter loudly breaking all the shackles, —
    No, no, no, — for doing good to humans
    High ambition, higher happiness are also there,
    Almighty has created humans not merely to cry.

    Devoting to the workplace,
    Battlefield this world is
    Go out and fight like hero;
    He who wins, will find happiness.

    Sacrificing own cause for others
    Give life and soul,
    Is this happiness compared to this found anywhere?
    Forget your own cause.
    Dying for others means happiness;
    Cry not for happiness more,
    The more you cry, the more you depress
    The more you feel sad.
    Let the dream of happiness begone
    Dreams die as such,
    Let the light of illusion begone
    Come back home, roam outside no more.
    Agony , Agony, Agony for what?
    Why grief so much?
    If such be there, now and then
    What does it mean telling the world often?
    Hidden agony and darkness
    Like dimming shining Stars,
    Silently throughout the night
    Offers light so much more!
    Hidden grief in human minds
    Presence of the grave nocturnal silence,
    Frustration roams, and proud announcement of hopelessness,
    The noise of expectations breaks happiness
    Uttering agony by repetition
    Cry why throughout the life?
    Is the human mind so meaningless?
    Frails so easily it?
    Seeing every smiling face
    Can’t you erase your own tears?
    For devoting to the good of others
    Can’t you bury your own grief?
    To be busy with oneself
    None is sent to this earth,
    We are all for all,
    Every one of us for other.

    অনুবাদকঃঃ আলমগীর মোহাম্মদ

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