Kamini Roi’s translated poem Bengali to English.

“Happiness” is a Kamini Roi’s translated poem “Shuk” translated from Bengali to English. Kamini Roy was a Bengali poet, social worker and feminist in British India. She was the first woman honours graduate in British India.


Kamini Roy

Where is happiness? Where is happiness? –
Is the world merely an abode of depression?
Is it anguish or cry of death
Does a soul come to life?-
Only to cry, Does the Almighty
Create human in this way?
Falling prey to the illusion of love
Is that human life meant for?

Utter loudly breaking all the shackles, —
No, no, no, — for doing good to humans
High ambition, higher happiness are also there,
Almighty has created humans not merely to cry.

Devoting to the workplace,
Battlefield this world is
Go out and fight like hero;
He who wins, will find happiness.

Sacrificing own cause for others
Give life and soul,
Is this happiness compared to this found anywhere?
Forget your own cause.
Dying for others means happiness;
Cry not for happiness more,
The more you cry, the more you depress
The more you feel sad.
Let the dream of happiness begone
Dreams die as such,
Let the light of illusion begone
Come back home, roam outside no more.
Agony , Agony, Agony for what?
Why grief so much?
If such be there, now and then
What does it mean telling the world often?
Hidden agony and darkness
Like dimming shining Stars,
Silently throughout the night
Offers light so much more!
Hidden grief in human minds
Presence of the grave nocturnal silence,
Frustration roams, and proud announcement of hopelessness,
The noise of expectations breaks happiness
Uttering agony by repetition
Cry why throughout the life?
Is the human mind so meaningless?
Frails so easily it?
Seeing every smiling face
Can’t you erase your own tears?
For devoting to the good of others
Can’t you bury your own grief?
To be busy with oneself
None is sent to this earth,
We are all for all,
Every one of us for other

Kamini Roi’s translated poem.

Translator: Alamgir Mohammad

Lecturer, Premier University Chattogram.

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