Hangor Nodir Grenade

Hangor Nodir Grenade

Selina Hossain


Selina Hossain is one of the Bangladeshi novelist. She was born on 14 June 1947 in Rajshahi. After getting MA degree in Bengali language and literature, she started her career. Selina Hossain is the author of many short stories, novels and articles. ‘Hangor Nodir Grenade’ is one of the best novel of Selina Hossain. In fact, this novel was written based on the liberation war of Bangladesh against West Pakistan.

Main theme

In this novel, the Pakistani army is compared with the shark. Through the novel, we will learn about a patriot mother who sacrificed her son for the sake of freedom of a country. Sometimes the ordinary people also play an extraordinary role.


Selina Hossain‘s novel “Hangor Nodir Grenade”‘, Budi is the central character. She loves her country like son. She is a patriot girl. For her, patriotism is above than maternity. The novel depicts the rural life of Bangladesh, during the liberation war. Budi is the daughter of Haldigah village. From the early life, she was different than the others. She was restless, curiousity, convivial and beautifull.

Marriage of Buri

 At the very young age, she was got married with Gafur. Gafur was a widow. There are two sons Salim and Kalim in that house of Gafur. Budi’s life in this new family is going well. Although Gafur does not understand that Budi is different than the first wife. There are less understandings between them.

Miss understanding

It is difficult to find out for Gafur what she likes to do, it’s hard to match. Although Budi doesn’t take seriously anthing, does not say anything to

Desire for own child

Gafur. Because Gafur was more older than her. In the meantime, the desire for motherhood becomes strong for Budi. Besides Salim and kalim, she wants to give birth to her own child. For which she goes to a ashram called Shinail Dham. Eventually, an abnormal child was born named Rois. But she was happy with her abnormal child.

Death of Kalim

Gafur died and Salim got married. Ramija is Selim’s wife. A child was born in Selim’ family. During the time of the marriage of Kalim, liberation war starts. All discussions close when the wave of war comes in Haldiga village. The wave of war breaks the family of Budi. Salim goes to war. Kalim is brutally killed by the Pakistani army in front of Budi. Seeing this situation Buri said to Kalim, ‘Why did you hang your neck? Open your eyes and look at me. Protect your Haldigah and your country. Remove the shark (Pakistani army).’

Attack of Pakistani army

The scene which is brutal occurred at Budi’ house. The two freedom fighters, Kader and Hafez took shelter at Buri’s house. Becasue Pakistani army chased them. The pakistani army follow them and come at Budi’s house. The Pakistani army asked Buri,’Where are the freedom fighters?’.

A patriotic mother

There creates a procastination moment. Buri feels in dilemma. To safe the life of freedom fighters, Budi brings Rois and mentioned Rois as a freedom fighter. Thus, she sacrifices her own son Rois. If she wants can safe her son. But for her the life of freedom fighters is more important than the life of Rois. Because only the freedom fighters will take revenge on the death of Kalim and the thousand of people.


I observe, throughout the novel author Selina Hossain depicts Budi’s character as a tragic figure. At first, it was difficult to understand that the novel ‘Hangor Nodir Grenade’ how much the story will match with the title! But now my eyes become clear after reading the whole novel.

In this novel, I see a teenage girl (Budi) become responsible for her family after marriage. I also see the sacrifice of her own son Rois for freedom. I have liked the book in all. By reading this book can bring love to motherland in the mind of Bengali people. According to me, it is the best book based on the liberation war of Bangladesh. So, everyone should read this book.

In conclusion

‘Hangor Nodir Grenade’ is not only a novel and Budi is not a novel character but also a real story. So, the Budi was not only the mother of Rois here, she took the responsibility of becoming the mother of the freedom fighters. So, when Shark (Hangor) become hungry, when they want to swallow like grenades (freedom fighter), they can do everything but can not swallow the Budi’s motherhood. Budi is the mother of Bengal and Roise is the son of Bengal.

Reviewed by: Md Saidul Islam.

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